Mystic Country

Mystic Country is a lovely destination if you are taking a vacation in New England. The unique aspect of this vacation is the 3 Cs. You can experience the Coast, Casino and the Country side in one place! The Mystic waterfront will take you back in history about Maritime America. Indulge in some solitude at Mystic’s best kept secret, the Quiet Corner. If you want to pace things up then Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos located inland Mystic Country, is the place to head.

Light HouseMystic Waterfront


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12 things to do in Manhattan New York

Manhattan is not only the financial and commercial capital of the United States, but also a cultural center of the World. Home to Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Universities, Media Houses and Museums, you will be lost in Manhattan deciding on what to do.  Read on for the 12 things to do in Manhattan, New York. The Manhattan experience is an assault on the senses,  memories of which will last a lifetime.

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Bronx Zoo, New York City

Bronx Zoo is the largest Metropolitan zoo in the World. Located inside Bronx Park, in New York City, Bronx Zoo is very picturesque with the Bronx River meandering through its heart.  The Bronx Zoo is home to more than 4000 animals many from endangered species across the world. The key zones within the Bronx Zoo are World of Reptiles, Birds, African Plains and Wild Asia.  The education department of the Bronx Zoo conducts engaging animal interaction programs aimed at improving our understanding of wild life. The Zoo is also famous for some less serious programs like naming of Cockroaches!

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Dinosaur Park, Connecticut

One day a civil contractor was bulldozing a piece of land in Connecticut when he stumbled upon skeletons of dinosaurs. Further excavation led to the discovery of one of the largest dinosaur tracks of North America. Today you can visit the Dinosaur Park to catch a Jurassic Trail that goes back 200 million years back in time! Some of the other places that can be covered in this trip are Peabody museum, Children's natural history museum, Wickham park and even Mark Twain's residence!

Dino Footprints

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Empire State Building

There is only one New York City. No other Metropolis in America or elsewhere even comes close to it in terms of diversity of culture, entertainment, business and commerce. Yet within a day's drive, one can find fine beaches, seascapes, forested mountains; quaint small towns and plenty of historical sightseeing. And, for a true experience of the spirit of New York, head towards the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

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