Adlabs Imagica Theme Park

Adlabs Imagica is a theme park located in Khopoli near Mumbai. There are more than 25 attractions classified into thrill rides, kiddie rides, family rides and themed attraction. There are 5 restaurants and a few shopping options within the theme park as well. Imagica is a good day's outing from Mumbai or Pune for the entire family. Personally speaking, Mr India and Rajasaurus River ride were my favorites.

Imagica theme park

Imagica tickets & rates

The regular Imagica ticket rates on a weekeday are Rs 1500 for adults, Rs 1200 for children and elderly. The weekend Imagica rates are Rs 1900 for adults and Rs 1600 for children and elderly. Children below 3 are allowed free entry into Imagica. Adult rates apply for Imagica tickets for anyone aged 12 and above. Imagica express is a ticket which allows you to beat the queue at Imagica rides. The price of this ticket is Rs 2200 on weekdays and Rs 3000 on holidays.

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Where is Imagica

Adlabs Imagica theme park is located in Khopoli off the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Directions to Imagica theme park from Mumbai-

Take the Mumbai Pune expressway and take the left after Khalapur toll plaza which will come after 33 Kms. At the next junction take right and get onto Khopoli Pali road. You will reach Imagica theme park after a 3.5 Km drive on this road.

Directions to Imagica theme park from Pune-

Take the Pune-Mumbai expressway and drive past Lonavla and Khandala ghats. Take the exit on left to Khopoli after the ghat section. Continue till you reach Khopoli Pali road for which Hotel Shree krishna is the landmark. Turn south and travel on Khopoli Pali road for 4 kms to reach Imagica theme park.

Where is Imagica theme park

Tips for visiting Imagica

While not all rides are wet, it is advisable to carry multiple pairs of dry clothes, towels and soap. Umbrellas are available at various points in the park to beat both the rain and sun. It is still a good idea to carry hats. Suntan lotion would also prove useful as most of the rides are in the open.

Ideally Imagica is best visited on a working day to beat the long queues on the popular rides. However if you can make it only on a weekend or holiday, try to visit early as soon as the gates open at 11 am and go to your favorite rides first to avoid the queues. So it would be necessary to identify your favorite rides from the brochure cum map which will be available at the ticket centre. An even better idea would be to do a shortlist from the website prior to the visit itself. 

Imagica rides

There are around 25 rides at Imagica theme park and these are classifieds as Thrill rides, family rides, kiddy rides and theme. There are height restrictions for each ride and there is a height chart displayed outside every ride to check eligibility. 

Thrill rides are for those who love adrenalin rush rides and are not prone to throw up even when at a 270 degree angle! Nitro is where i heard the loudest screams. It is over 130 feet high and has a track that runs for 2800 feet. The journey lasts only 150 seconds but then i am sure relief is the only feeling experienced at the end of the ride.

 imagica Rides

Scream Machine is one of those rides which have been aptly named. It will be a test of will power not to scream through this ride. This Imagica ride takes you up well over 150 feet from the ground and at angles as wide as 120 degrees. The feeling you get at the end of ride is total disorientation. So if disorientation appeals to you, Scream Machine is the right place for you!

Themed attractions at Imagica are really very well done up. The quality and the attention to detail are both noteworthy. Rajasaurus is my favourite Imagica ride. It is a ride through prehistoric times in search of Rajasaurus, a dinosaur species. The boat journey takes you through twists and turns through a wild habitat and ends with a shocking surprise.

Imagica rides

Some of the themes depicted at Imagica theme park are really captivating. The one I liked most features Rapunzel and Prince Flynn climbing over the castle using her hair as a rope.

Imagica theme park

A castle from never never land is the other theme I liked. This provides a great photo op as well. Kids love to stand in the first step which leads into the castle and take a snap.

Imagica theme park

Wild west is a roller coaster ride through the notorious ravines and ranches of the wild wild west.

Kiddie rides are plentiful and designed to suit children of all ages, although height restrictions apply for several rides.  Humpty's fall is a mini drop ride and goes up to 10 meters. Kids love it as it rotates 360 degrees when on top. 

Imagica rides

Zooballoo is a musical water splash. It is a musical band composed of various animals like the elephant, alligator, baboon and kangaroo which splash water on the kids who come on to dance to the music.

Imagica rides

Family Rides are Imagica rides that are meant for the entire family. Splash Ahoy is a water battle in Pirate boats over a river where groups fight each other with water guns. In fact even bystanders can join in the battle with the help of water guns places on the sides.

Imagica theme park

Restaurants at Imagica Theme park 

Red Bonnet takes you back to the America of the 60s. You can have burger and fries sitting in a Buick with a never ending bonnet.

Restaurant at Imagica theme park

Imagica capital is a Indian buffet restaurant. The cuisine covers pretty much all parts of India including Kashmiri, Konkani, South Indian and Bengali.

Restaurant at Imagica theme park

Zeze bar and grill is an African cuisine restaurant. Bullets, nuggets, wraps and burgers are served in an ambiance featuring African tribal masks, knickknacks and paintings.

Roberto's food coaster is famous for its Chef arriving in a coaster. Mexican, Italian and Asian cuisine is served here. 

Armada is a coffee shop set in a ship on anchor. You have a choice of salads, sandwiches and coffee while looking over the lagoon.

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