Mahabalipuram, places to visit in Chennai

Mahabalipuram is a must among places to see in Chennai. Located 60 KMs from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is an architectural wonder and ancient sea port making it a good weekend getaway from Chennai. Arjuna's Penance is a 100 feet long bas relief structure and probably India's greatest art work. Grand temples dating back to the 7th century AD, a lovely sea shore, a 7D theatre and a unique sea shells museum are some of the other reasons to visit Mahabalipuram

Arjuna's Penance, Mahabalipuram 

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Sea Shells Museum, Mahabalipuram

The Sea Shells museum located in Mahabalipuram is a marvel. On display at this museum are more than 40000 pieces of shells from all over the world, making it Asia's largest sea shells museum. Fossils, shark teeth and whale fins are the other items of display. My favorites at this museum are the car, ship and train made out of oyster shells. While the collection itself is magnificent, the other noteworthy aspect of this museum is the fascinating story told here about how pears are formed in oysters. Sea food lovers would also love the sea food restaurant located inside the complex. Maya Bazaar is the other interesting aspect where one can shop for jewelry made out of pearls and sea shells. 

Sea Shells museum, Mahabalipuram

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Dakshin Chitra- ECR Resort

Dakshin Chitra is a heritage village near Chennai set up for encouraging art, craft and architecture of all four southern states of India. It is an open air museum where one gets to experience the rich cultural heritage of South India. You can watch an episode of the Great Epic of Ramayana in the form of a shadow puppet show. Another interesting activity would be to take some lessons on pottery from the man at the potter’s wheel. Or spend some time with the traditional basket weaver and learn to weave some yourself! You can even get your portrait done by the village artist.  I got my future read by a very learned parrot out here!

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