Golden Temple, Amritsar

The Golden Temple in Amritsar, which is known as Sri Harimandir Sahib, is the central religious place of the Sikhs. What strikes you first is the sheer beauty of the exteriors of the Golden Temple with its dazzling Golden Canopy set amidst a serene water tank. But once you have walked in, the inner beauty of this place give you a feeling of tranquility rarely felt elsewhere. Amritsar is also where you can find a memorial for Jallianwalla Bagh victims and the Wagah Border with Pakistan where the ceremonial Change of Guards happens every Sun Set.

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Rose Garden, Chandigarh

The Zakhir Hussein Rose Garden is a 30 acre botanical garden in the city of Chandigarh. Home to 50000 Rose bushes spread over 1600 species; it is Asia’s largest Rose Garden. The Rose Garden also plays host to the Annual Festival of Flowers held in March every year. The best time to visit the Rose Garden is during this festival when prizes are awarded for photography, gardening, landscaping, and bonsai.

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Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Nek Chand Rock Garden is a sculpture garden in Chandigarh. Located in a gorge in a forest near Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden is a unique Garden made up of recycled scrap material. It has been created in the lines of Sukrani, a divine kingdom as per the vision of its founder Nek Chand. Spread over 40 acres, the Garden has beautiful creations made up of industrial waste, home waste and throw-away items! The Rock Garden is not only beatuiful but also an inspiration for Sustainable Living.

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