Innovative Film City, Bangalore

Innovative Film City Ticket Prices 

Innovative Film City in Bangalore is a novel concept. The Entry Fee is 599 per person for a standard package and 399 after 3pm. Innovative Film City has a good collage of different themes to appeal to both grown-ups and kids all in one place for a day long outing.  The “Ripley’s Believe it or not” is a museum with a difference. Other interesting sections are the Fashion Café, Wild Wild West and Miniature City. Kids would love the Cartoon City, Water rides and certainly the Wannado City which is a role play based theme park. In summary, if you have a day to kill and are in and around Bangalore, Innovative Film City is not a bad idea to make a visit with family and friends.

Where is Innovative Film City 

The Innovative Film City is easily approachable by road from Bangalore. It is located at Bidadi and is off the Bangalore Mysore Highway. While driving from Bangalore keep a lookout for the sign on the left side after entering Bidadi.

Reaching Bangalore by Road

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Entry Fee at Innovative Film City 

The Innovative Film City Price is Rs 499 per person for the standard package of 25 attractions and 299 after 3pm.

Contact details are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +91-80-22099999. You can also visit their website at Innovative Film City.

Timings of Innovative Film City 

Innovative Film City timings are from 10am to 630pm.

Travel Tips for Innovative Film City

Since it’s a whole day affair, a good idea will be to dine at Moulin Rouge the theme restaurant within the campus. You can chose gourmet dishes from French, Mexican and Italian cuisines as DJs entertain you. In fact you can even host a private party for up to 200 of your friends at Moulin Rouge.

Attractions in Innovative Film City 

Latest attraction- Ode to Earth & 4D theater 

The latest additional at Innovative Film City Bangalore is a section called Ode to Earth. Its a walk-through with multiple screens running an audio-visual on history of the Earth. The most fun part is at the 4 D theater. Its an exhilarating experience watching the exploits of the protagonist lost in an ancient temple inside a volcano. The multi-sensorial experience is very memorable. 


Wannado City

This is a really innovative concept where kids can play different roles with realistic backdrops. Some of the popular role plays are that of a Fire Fighter, a Police Man, a Dentist, a Veterinarian Doctor, a Pilot, a Judge, News Reporter, TV Anchor and even a Chef. Realistic Costumes and equipment make this a big hit. My daughter put on the Inspector’s uniform along with a baton and a revolver, and pushed me into the mock Jail! The news room is always buzzing with action. The technician there lets kids read out something and shoots it on camera in a realistic looking backdrop. You also can buy the CD with your kids act!  

Ripley’s Believe it or not

Innovative Film City has India’s first and only Ripley’s Believe it or not museum. It is a repository of all the exhibits collected by Robert Ripley over his lifetime from 200 countries. It leaves you amazed at how bizarre our world is.


Dinosaur World

Innovative Film City is a great place to learn about Dinosaurs. The Dinosaur World is a mini Jurassic Park where you experience the habitat, sounds and some lifelike inhabitants including a spine chilling replica of a T Rex. It’s a great place for photographs as benches have been strategically placed near every specimen. The Fossil Museum has a very good collection of fossil relics from Jurassic Age. There is a 60 ft high fossil of T Rex which will mesmerize you with its gargantuan proportions! The information kiosks provide a lot of insights about the way the giants lived and dominated the Earth.


Fossil Hunt

After visiting the fossil Museum some folks might be in a mood to hunt for fossils. The fossil Hunt actually provides you that opportunity. You are provided with a spade and if you strike pay dirt, you get a gift voucher. Needless to say, kids just love messing around the place.

Haunted Mansion

The haunted mansion is a good experience at least the first time. You take a ride in an open rail coach across the dimly lit mansion which is filled with entities to scare you. Beware the creatures of the dark are not stationary!

Wax Museum

Louis Tussaud's Museum is full of life like specimens of a plethora of celebrities across the ages. While Hollywood dominates, there are some other distinct personalities like Gandhiji, Shakespeare, Dalai Lama and Einstein. Kids would love the sections on Snow-white and Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Harry Porter. And there is Frankenstein as well to shock you!

Miniature City

The Miniature City is another popular destination in Innovative Film City. There are replicas of several wonders of the world spread across the continents. Prominent masterpieces are the Great Wall of China, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramids of Egypt, Buddhist cave of Ajanta, Statue of Liberty and even the White House. The miniature Airport with Flights moving around the runway and the Amtrak train are exciting for all who are young at heart.


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