Rajaji Memorial, Bangalore weekend getaway

C Rajagopalachary or Rajaji was one of my favorite personalities from India's freedom struggle. His candor, pragmatism and intellect made his stand apart from most of his contemporaries. Not many know that he had a funny nick name, "Mango of Salem"! His house is now a museum and worth visiting from Bangalore. Located at Thorapalli near Hosur it is just an hour's drive from Bangalore. A half day can be well spent at his house reminiscing about India's freedom struggle and the early years of Independent India. 

Rajaji Memorial, Bangalore weekend getaway

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Coffee trails at Coorg

One of the best ways to experience Coorg is through a stay in a coffee plantation. The area around Pollibetta near Virajpet has several heritage Bungalows in Coffee estates which are now converted to Coorg home stays. Cottabetta Bungalow is one of the finest places to stay in Coorg. This 100 year old Bungalow from the days of the Raj provides a charming weekend experience filled with coffee, mountain air and heritage. The nearby Golf course is incredibly beautiful and is always teeming with a variety of bird life. A coffee trails holiday at Coorg is incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Iruppu waterfalls in the Brahmagiri range. 

Coorg, Weekend getaway from Bangalore

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Caving - Bangalore weekend getaway

Antaragange is a great destination for Caving and Bouldering near Bangalore. Located near Kolar Gold Fields, Antaragange is a hill full of boulders with a temple in between. The temple has a mysterious underground stream and hence the name Antaragange. The hill has a fascinating chain of caves located deep inside a cluster of boulders. The caves are dark, mysterious and spell-binding!  At many points one needs to slither like a snake to get past the narrow boulders. Being just 70 KMs away, Antaragange is a fun and action action packed weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Caving near Bangalore, at Antaragange

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Ghati Subramania & Makali Durga

Ghati Subramania is a good ride for a Saturday morning from Bangalore. We left early morning at 6 and it was a scenic and traffic free route via Dodballapur road. The temple is 600 years old and popular for worshipping snakes. There are thousands of snake idols around the temple, erected by devotees seeking a child. The route continues past the temple to an old fort called Makali Durga. Its a scenic spot with a railway line passing through. It is difficult to believe such a landscape exists just 60 KMs from Bangalore. 

Ghati Subramania temple

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Sand Sculpture Museum, Mysore

India's first Sand Sculpture Museum is in Mysore. It is a unique museum where one finds the heritage of Mysore crafted into sand. Located near Chamundi Hills, this Museum is worth a visit. It is incredible to note that these marvelous pieces of art were made using just sand and water. A giant 15 feet Ganesha statue right at the entrance is followed by variety of themes including Tom & Jerry, Mysore Kings, Chamundeswari Goddess, landscapes and animals. The sand sculpture museum takes you to another world for half an hour!


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Ramnagar of Sholay, weekend getaway from Bangalore

Ramnagar is one of my favorite weekend getaways from Bangalore. Located just 50 KMs south west of Bangalore and famous for its Silk, Ramnagar is surprisingly not in the mainstream tourist route. The rugged hills provided the backdrop for Sholay, the legendary Bollywood movie. If that is not enough for Ramnagar to catapult into the must visit list among weekend getaways from Bangalore, then Ramdevarabatta hill provided the location for David Lean's "A Passage to India". The reason Ramnagar figures in my list of weekend getaways from Bangalore is that it is a lovely bike ride on a sunday morning  through rustic villages and magnificent granite hills.

Ramnagar, weekend getaways from Bangalore

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Fun World, amusement park in Bangalore

Fun World is an amusement park right in the heart of the city of Bangalore. While it may not be as big as Wonderla or Innovative Film City, Fun World remains the only option when you want to take the kids out somewhere within the city. Spread over 22 acres and located opposite the TV tower near Mekhri Circle, Fun World has rides for kids, families and adults. Fun World is in fact part of the larger complex that houses Water world, Star City and Snow world, making it a convenient amusement park to visit within Bangalore city.

Fun World, amusement park in bangalore

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Thattekere Lake-Day trip from Bangalore

Among the places to visit in Bangalore, it is unlikely that you would have ever heard of Thattekere Lake. This anonymity is what makes Thattekere's  an interesting day trip from Bangalore. Located in the midst of an Elephant corridor, Thattekere Lake is also a haven for bird watchers and one of the more quaint places to visit in Bangalore. The serene waters of the Lake attracts hundreds of birds especially at dawn. The closest village to Thattekere is Ragihalli which has a flourishing seri-culture practice. The silk cocoons in the houses which have adopted seri-culture, is another notable attraction at Thattekere. Head to Thattekere Lake, if you are looking for a off the beaten trail destination among places to visit in Bangalore. 

Thattekere Lake, places to visit in Bangalore

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Innovative Film City Ticket Price

The Standard Package costs Rs 599 per person. Following rides are part of this package

  • Teddy Museum, Bow & Arrow with 2 SHOTS, Innovative Talkies, Target Strike with 5 ROUNDS, Toddlers Den, Kids Play, Mining
  • Wannado City, Mirror Maze, Dino Park, Fossil Museum, Fossil Hunt, Aqua Kingdom, Star War, Dashing Car, Carousel
  • Roller Coaster, Mini Golf, Ripley's Museum, Wax Museum, Roller Skating, Haunted Mansion, Roll A Ball, Water Shot

The above package costs Rs 399 per person after 3pm.

The rides which are not covered by the standard package are as follows-

  • Go Karting Family, 4 LAPS - 2 PERSONS @ INR 150, Go Karting Sports 4 LAPS - 1 PERSONS @ INR 200, Bungy Jumping INR 50
  • Bowling 10 BALLS @ 100 / 20 BALLS @ 150, Funplex Games INR 30, Cricket 3 OVERS @ INR 50, ODE TO LIFE -A walk through INR 100

 For travelogue on Innovative Film city, click here

Thirthahalli, Malnad Holiday

Thirthahalli is a refreshingly different weekend getaway from Bangalore. Far from the madding crowd, Thirthahalli is a great place to experience Malnad hospitality. The recipe comprises a traditional homestay, Poet Laureate Kuvempu’s home, a unique fish sanctuary on the Tunga, a bath under Sirimane waterfalls, Agumbe rainforest with its majestic King Cobras and Kundadri Hills, a part of the bicycle trail of The Great Malnad Challenge. The icing on the cake is a visit to a quaint house in Agumbe where the televised version of Malgudi Days, the famous work of RK Narayan was filmed.

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Wonderla Opening Time

The timings for Wonderla, places to visit in Bangalore-

Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Monday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


For the travelogue with details on attractions, ticket price etc, visit Wonderla

Wonderla Ticket Price

Ticket price for Wonderla- places to visit in Bangalore

Wonderla Ticket price between Mon-Fri is Rs 1114 for adults and 896 for kids. Fast track rates are Rs 1779 and Rs 1434 for adults and kids respectively

Wonderla ticker price on weekends and holidays is Rs 1370 for adults and 1075 for kids. Fast track rates are Rs 2189 and Rs 1715 for adults and kids respectively

Note that Wonderla is open from 11am to 6pm on week days and from 11am to 7pm on weekends and holidays. The water park timings are 1230PM to 530PM

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A new way to experience India

A novel way to see places around Bangalore is through 5 Senses Tours who organise experiential tours that stimulate all the 5 senses while traveling. The tours are organized on Royal Enfield motorcycles as well as private cars. Visit 5 Senses Tours

If you are looking for a theme park, Innovative Film city is another near by option. 

Homestay Suggestion

For homestays in India where you have a hospitable host and home cooked food, visit India Holiday Ideas. 



Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore

Nehru Planetarium is a wonderful place in Bangalore to spend a few hours. All kids and grown-ups with an inquisitive mind will love it. The Planetarium runs shows about our Solar System and beyond, in both English and Kannada. With a 15 meter diameter dome theatre, the night sky comes alive here with more than 2000 stars, even at noon! There is a novel science park outside the theatre where kids can understand the laws of physics while playing.

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Lumbini Garden, Bangalore

Located near Hebbal, Lumbini Garden is a good choice for kids places to visit in Bangalore.  Lumbini Garden lies across the Nagawara Lake and offers Boating and rides for kids. It has a 12500 square foot artificial beach and children’s pool which is quite popular especially in summer. Lumbini Garden is a decent idea for a picnic in Bangalore with its waterfront, amusement rides and food court. It is fun for kids among places to visit in Bangalore. 

Lumbini Garden, places to visit in Bangalore with kids

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Lalbagh Garden Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a must among places to visit in Bangalore. The 240 acre Lalbagh Botanical Garden with more than 1,800 species of plants, shrubs and trees serves as the lungs of Bangalore. Built by the legendary Hyder Ali in 1760, Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a prominent landmark of Bangalore and is host to the world famous flower show making it a key destination among places to visit in Bangalore. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is not only a horticulturist’s paradise, but it also provides a respite to people of Bangalore from the ever spreading concrete jungle. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the favorite of all morning walkers of Bangalore and is the venue of the famous Bangalore Heritage Walk which is another must among places to visit in Bangalore.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, places to visit in Bangalore

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Morning Drive to Hesaraghatta & Nrityagram

If you are fed up of the tourist places to visit in Bangalore, take an early morning drive across Byalkere peacock sanctuary and Hesaraghatta Lake. It is a completely different world from the Bangalore we know, with farms, vineyards, birds, forests and grasslands, making this a refreshing change from the usual places to visit in Bangalore. The menu offers rustic villages, farm animals, migratory birds, Nrityagram the unique dance gurukul, Adarsh Film & Tv Institute and the last surviving grasslands near Bangalore. There isn't any other place to visit in Bangalore that offers such rustic beauty!

Bird sanctuary, places to visit in Bangalore

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Bangalore Weekend Farm Stay

Resorts in Bangalore can be boring among places to visit in Bangalore. A Bangalore weekend farm stay could turn out to be more interesting than the usual resorts in Bangalore. Farms along Kanakpura Road, after Art of Living, turn out to be great among places to visit in Bangalore. Geese Haven is one such farm where I spent a weekend and it was a refreshing experience. Farm stays as weekend getaway works well for families especially with kids who can reconnect with nature and have much more fun than in other places to visit in Bangalore.

Bangalore weekend farm stay, places to visit in Bangalore

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Wonderla - Amusement Park, Bangalore

Wonderla Ticket Price            Wonderla Opening Time

Wonderla, the Amusement Park, is one of the most popular places to visit in Bangalore.. With a plethora of Wet as well as Dry rides, Wonderla’s is an Amusement Park whose appeal cuts across people. Located in Bidadi, Wonderla is just an hour away from Bangalore making it one of the most fun places to visit In Bangalore. Wonderla has now opened a Resort for overnight stay and hence it need not be just a  one day trip from Bangalore but also an option for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Wonderla, places to visit in Bangalore

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Jaladhama, Talakadu

Jaladhama is an Island near the ancient town of Talakadu in Karnataka. Located on the back waters of Madhavamantri Dam, Jaladhama is a good weekend getaway from Bangalore. The Island is actually a holiday resort set amidst the River Cauvery. The Water Sports facility at Jaladhama adds to the fun. If your idea of a weekend getaway is a tranquil environment, leisure boating, swimming and a close encounter with nature, Jaladhama would be just fine for you.

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Vishweshwariah Museum, Bangalore

The Vishweshwaraya Museum Bangalore is a fascinating place to visit among places to visit in Bangalore. What is interesting is that the Museum covers the history behind all major technological inventions from the teeny weeny Zipper to Jet Engines with simple and lucid explanations. In fact, most exhibits have a live demonstration to explain the concept, making it unique among places to visit in Bangalore. I found the Star Show where you need to crawl into the dome, most exciting! Considering the interactive nature of this museum, I would say it’s more of a science center that is doing a great job of creating awareness and building a scientific temper in the country. Vishweshwariah Museum Bangalore is a must visit among places to visit in Bangalore.

vishweshwaraya museum, places to visit in Bangalore 

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Innovative Film City, Bangalore

Innovative Film City Ticket Prices 

Innovative Film City in Bangalore is novel, among places to visit in Bangalore. The Entry Fee is 599 per person for a standard package and 399 after 3pm. Innovative Film City has a good collage of different themes to appeal to both grown-ups and kids all in one place for a day long outing.  The “Ripley’s Believe it or not” is a museum with a difference. Other interesting sections are the Fashion Café, Wild Wild West and Miniature City. Kids would love the Cartoon City, Water rides and certainly the Wannado City which is a role play based theme park. In summary, if you have a day to kill and are in and around Bangalore, Innovative Film City is not a bad idea to make a visit with family and friends.

Innovative Film City, places to visit in Bangalore

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Aero India Show-Bangalore

Aero India Show is a biennial aviation exhibition held in Bangalore. Ever since its first edition in 1996, Aero India Show has emerged as the largest air show in Asia and one of the most important in the world. While the primary purpose of Aero India Show is for the global aerospace equipment manufacturers to display their wares and woo the Indian Defence and Civilian Aviation Industry, its a great place to be in for the ordinary aviation enthusiast.

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Big Banyan Tree- Bangalore Weekend

The Big Banyan Tree or Dodda Alada Mara, is a must among places to visit in Bangalore.  Spread over 5 acres, the Big Banyan tree is nearly 400 years old and is an excellent specimen of nature’s bounty! Taking a walk alongside the labyrinth of roots and relaxing in the cool shade is irresistible and hence Big Banyan Tree makes the cut among places to visit in Bangalore.

Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore Weekend

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Coorg Homestay Holiday

Coorg Homestay Holiday is set in a beautiful district in the state of Karnataka in South India. Fondly referred to as the Scotland of India, Coorg takes the breath away from tourists with its lush green coffee plantations, misty hills and breathtaking views. Coorg homestay holiday  is a wildlife lover’s paradise with 3 sanctuaries and a national park. With imposing peaks, Coorg is also a popular trekking destination. And if you are a sinner, you can atone for your misdeeds by visiting Talacauvery the holy spot where River Cauvery originates!

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Golden Temple Bylakuppe

Did you know that the largest Tibetan settlement outside of Tibet is actually in a village called Bylakuppe in Kushal Nagar in the southern state of Karnataka. Experience Tibet at Bylakuppe in Kushal Nagar where you will find more than 10000 Tibetans making a living by farming, far away from their homeland. Kushal Nagar is an amazing place for a weekend getaway from Bangalore. You will get to experience Tibet and Tibetan lifestyle through the Golden temple, educational monastic institutions and monasteries like Namdroling and Tashilunpo.

Golden Temple, Bylakuppe, Tibetan monks

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Tractor Safari at Kolar


Kolar is a unique weekend getaway from Bangalore. It has something different for everyone in the family. Gold fields, Valmiki's Ashram from Ramayana, Silk farms, Wool spinning units, temples like the Kotilingesvara temple with ten million lingams,  Adventure Sports, Black Buck safari are on the menu. And just in case, you happen to be a Particle Physicist, you too won’t leave Kolar disappointed!   

Morrit Farm

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