Russian Holiday Calendar

January 1-5 - New Year Holidays. Most Russians celebrate New Year on January 1st and since Christmas in Russia is on January 7th, the entire first week of January is a holiday.

January 5th- Christmas. Russians celebrate Christmas on January 5th! This is as per the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Religion. 

February 23rd- Protector of the Motherland Day. Formerly known as the Soviet Army day, Russians celebrate their soldiers on this day.

April/May- Easter. Easter is celebrated in Russia somewhere between April & May based on the Orthodox Calendar. It is celebrated with painted eggs, colourful customs and delicacies. 

Week before Lent- Maslenitsa. Maslenitsa is the Mardi Gras of Russia. It is celebrated to welcome Spring. The highlight of Maslenitsa celebration is eating of pancakes, burning of winter effigy and bathing in ice cold water!

April 12th- Cosmonaut Day.  ZaaThis day is dedicated to celebrate the sending of Russians to Space. People visit the grave of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to get to Space.   

May 1st- Labor Day. Labor Day is quite popular in Russia. The labor unions are recognised on this day. While some people actively participate in the parades, others just relax on this holiday.

May 9th- Victory Day. Victory day is celebrated in memory of the victory of Russia over Germany in the Second World War.

June 12th- Russia Day. Russia Day witnesses parades to mark the declaration of sovereignty by Russia. 

July 7th- Ivan Kupala. Ivan Kupala is a celebration of practice of Baptism. Children of Russia pour water on unsuspecting people on this day which also heralds the arrival of swimming season.

November 4th- Unity Day. Unity day is celebrated to commemorate the uprising against Polish occupation in 1612. It is also the feast day of Russian Orthodox icon of Lady of Kazan.

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