Martana,a Lonavala Trek

Martana is a fairly simple trek in Lonavala, nevertheless an enjoyable one.  In the monsoons, Martana becomes really beautiful as it gets a lush green cover and the pinnacles get covered by the mist, just like most of Lonavala. The approach road to Maratana from Lonavala gets often submerged in water and one can relive childhood memories by splashing in water all along the way from Bhambhurde village to the foothills!

Reaching Base Camp from Lonavala

Lonavala Station serves as a good starting point. One can take a bus from Lonavala Station to Bhambhurde Village. Martana Pinnacles lie just behind this Village. Martana lies in an area called Paun Maval which is the plateau covereing all the area south of Lonavala till Mulshi Lake and the Konkan. In the monsoons the approach roads are under water and its all misty around. It is one of those treks where the approach is more fun than the trek itself.

The Trek up Martana

The climb up to Martana Pinnacle from the base is no big deal and can be done under an hour. You will encounter numerous streams and small waterfalls along the way. We stopped at each of the crossings and took photographs. This is a leisure trek and so you can take all the time you want and enjoy the scenery.

The three pinnacles in the southern edge of Martana are called Navra-Navri and look majestic across the skyline of Lonavala.  The views are magnificent as you can see scores of hills across the Paun Maval area like Dhandad Fort, Tailbaila, Sudhagad and Sarasgad.

If you have time, you can also climb up Dhangad after Martana. Walk to Akelya village from Bhambhurde and you will be able to easily spot Dhangad. Dhangad is a Fort actually and is also known an Peshwa’s prison. There is a beautiful temple of Girjai Devi which can be visited on way to the top of the Fort.

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