Makali Durga, trekking in Bangalore

Makali Durga is a hill fort situated 60 KMs north of Bangalore and a fantastic place for trekking in Bangalore. Just 1.5 hours away, Makali Durga is a fort on top of a huge granite hill, which was used to train armies of Vijayanagar Empire! A couple of hours of climb will take you to an ancient Shiva temple where the legendary sage Markandya is supposed to have performed penance in olden times. The approach to the base camp is an enjoyable affair as you pass through a railway line cutting across fields.  On the way back from this popular destination for trekking in Bangalore, you can also visit the famous 600 year old temple of Ghati Subramania where snakes are worshipped.


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Naneghat, Trek near Mumbai

Naneghat is a mountain pass and an ancient toll booth on the trade route between Junnar and Malshej. During the 3 rd century AD, it used to be a toll booth on the trade route between Desh and Konkan regions. Today it is a fantastic trekking destination from Mumbai. The climb is over 3 hours and the terrain is lush green especially in the monsoons. There are a couple of streams to be crossed along the way to the top, which can be quite challenge during the rains!  At the summit just after the pass is an ancient toll booth where coins had to be dropped to gain access to the pass. There are a few caves as well with inscriptions in Brahmi script. The clear skies also make Naneghat a haven for start gazing. 

 Naneghat Trek from Mumbai

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