Kgudi jungle holiday

Kgudi is a pristine jungle not far from Bangalore and can be planned over a weekend. It is a wilderness camp located at the place where the Westerns Ghats meets the Eastern Ghats. It makes for a great weekend getaway from Bangalore. Jungle Lodges provides accommodation as well as a wildlife safari here. Located at a height of 3500 feet above sea level Kgudi wilderness camp is located inside the BR Hills wildlife sanctuary and is a Tiger reserve. With a scenic location, easy access and bountiful flora and fauna, Kgudi is a great place to visit over a weekend for proximity with nature and to get away from the urban chaos!

Reaching to Kgudi

Kgudi is easily accessible from Bangalore by road. It is located 225 KM from Bangalore and just 86 KM from Mysore. Drive past Mysore and take the road to Nanjungud and Chamrajnagar. Kgudi can also be reached from Bangalore via Kanakpura, Malavalli, Kollegal and BR Hills. The latter route has less traffic.  

The drive to the camp in the last leg is very scenic and right through the middle of the forest. 

Stay at Kgudi

Jungle Lodges runs a wilderness camp at Kgudi and the best option to stay. The tents are really awesome as it is located right in the middle of the forest! For online reservation, you can visit

Food at the camp

The restaurant is in a Golghar like in any other Jungle Lodges Resort and serves simple food. 


Wild life safari

The best time to spot the animals is just after dawn and before dusk. Jungle Lodges provides a jeep safari both in the morning and evening. It is for 2.5 hours and is very refreshing as you go past the jungle spotting the birds and animals that make their home here.  A recent survey of this reserve put the number of Tigers in this sanctuary at 17. You will have to be extremely lucky to spot a Tiger!

During the safari, it is far more probable that you will spot Elephants, Gaurs, Sambars, Malabar Squirrels, Spotted Deer, Sloth Bears, Cheetals, Wild Dogs and may be even a Leopard.

Sloth Bear spotted during the evening safari

Sloth bear during Kgudi safari

Sambar deer spotted during the morning safari

The elusive Malabar Squirrel

Spotted deer, curious about visitors 

 A Kite and a family of turtles

The naturalist who accompanies guests in the safari is quite good and well informed. He makes an effort to arrange as many wildlife sightings as possible for the guests. Overal Kgudi jungle camp is a great idea as a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

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