Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island of Australia and its premier wildlife destination. It is synonymous with Bush land, Pristine Beaches, Wild Life, Beach Houses, Wine and Sunset. Some of the exciting activities possible here are Cave Exploraton, Bush Walking, Trekking, meeting birds of prey like Barn Owls, Eagles & Kookaburras, mingling with Sea Lions and Night Safari spotting Penguins. An unforgettable experience would be tasting the honey from Ligurian Bees!

Reaching Kangaroo Island

You can fly to Kingscote, the island’s capital from Adelaide on a Regional Express flight in just 30 minutes. A 45 minute ferry ride is another way of reaching Kangaroo Island. SeaLink operates 2 ferries Sealion 2000 and Spirit of Kangaroo Island, between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw.

Precaution at Kangaroo Island

Please note that in order to keep the ecological balance, you are not allowed to bring the following to Kangaroo Island. Bees, honey, potato, declared weeds, foxes or rabbits.

What to do 

Meet the endangered Australian Sea lions at Seal Bay Conservation Park, a 45 minute drive from Kingscote. Set amongst Limestone Cliffs and Dunes, the Seal Bay Conservation Park is a sight to behold. You will spot Sea Lions sun bathing or even surfing! You have a choice of a guided tour or self-guided board walks to get a splendid view of these gentle beasts.  

A Penguin Night Safari is a possibility at Penneshaw Penguin 'Underwater Centre. It is cacophony out here with baby Penguins screaming for attention from their moms, territorial wars between males, and courtship moves!  


Flinders Chase National Park is a haven for endangered species like the Koalas, Platypus, Goannas and Echidnas. It is a great place for both wet and dry wild life spotting. You can hit the Bushwalking trails that lead to amazing beaches.  

Flinders Chase National Park is also famous for some remarkable geological phenomena. Admiral Arch is one such phenomenon with a spooky feel to it!  It is an ancient cave broken by the waves and full of stalactites. Remarkable Rocks are a set of boulders atop a granite dome that rises from the sea. It is a remarkable specimen of sculpting by erosion of wind, sand and water.


Remarkable Rock 

There are some interesting stay options possible here including that of a light house! Cape du Couedic or Cape Borda lighthouses provide excellent cottages.  

Kelly Hill was discovered in 1881 by an unfortunate Horse which fell into it. It turned out to be a beautiful cave system of caverns and sinkholes. These caves are an amazing collection of stalagmites, stalactites, helictites and straws. Do the Burgess Hike, a 1.25 kilometer loop trail through a forest full of majestic gums. If you want a serious hike, try the Hanson Bay Hike. It is an 18 Km trail and will take around 6 hours. The hike offers Pink Gum woodlands, mallee, coastal heaths, freshwater lagoons and ancient dunes. 

Raptor Domain is at Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island and provides an hour of entertainment and education on birds of prey. The remarkable cast includes Jedda, the majestic Wedge Tailed Eagle, Casper the friendly Barn Owl and Banjo & Clancy, the laughing Kookaburras.  

The natural beauty of Kangaroo Island inspires artists of all kinds. If you are a collector of art, try the Kangaroo Island Gallery in Kingscote or KI Artworks in Baudin Beach for artwork by local artists. Some-Bling New Jewelry Studio is another interesting place to visit while at Kangaroo Island. There is a daily demonstration of jewelry making activities like casting sterling silver in cuttlefish bone. You can also buy locally made gemstones, glass, ceramic or crystals.  

A Discovery at Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the only place in the word today where you get pure strains of Ligurian Bee. In 1880, 12 hives of these were imported from Ligurian in Italy and have ever since remained protected from other bees due to the isolation of Kangaroo Island. Don’t leave Kangaroo Island before tasting honey from Ligurian bees. Head to Clifford’s Honey farm at Elsegood Road, MacGillivray for an out of this world tasting experience!   


Brief History of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island drifted away from mainland Australia about 9000 years ago. Aborigine tribes have been living here for more than 11000 years. It remains a mystery why the Aborigines abandoned Kangaroo Island 2000 years ago. The first Europeans to inhabit Kangaroo Island were sealers, escaped convicts and runaway sailors. Kangaroo Island got its name from the famous British explorer Mathew Flinders when he landed here in 1802 aboard HMS Investigator.   

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