Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Jurong Bird Park is a magnificent Bird Zoo spread over 50 acres and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. With over 5,000 birds, Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest Bird Zoo. Some of the interesting things to look out for are a Penguin Coast, African Wetlands, Lory Flight Aviary, Pelican Cove and Flamingo Lake. A visit to Jurong Bird Park will be a journey of discovery for most people as they come to learn about the remarkable beauty and intelligence of Birds.

Where is Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is located at Jurong Hill. The nearest MRT station is on Boon Lay (EW27) on the East West Green line. The connecting buses to Boon Lay station are Bus No. 194 or 251.

Timings of Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is open from 830am – 6pm. every day. However ticket sales close at 530 pm. Wet play area is from 9am-530 pm.

Admission Fee for Jurong Bird Park

The price for Bird Park, Zoo and Night Safari , including the Tram is $69 for adults and $46 for kids. The fee for Bird Park only is $20 for adults and 13 for kids. You can save a little if you buy tickets online. The online fare is $18 and $11.7 for adults and kids respectively.


Jurong Bird Park attractions

African Waterfall Aviary has more than 1500 birds across 50 species. It’s fun to catch the free flying birds from Panorail, the Monorail running through the Aviary.


The world's largest walk-in flight aviary for Lories and Lorikeets is located at Lory Loft. Built over 9 stories, Lory Loft provides a fun experience for feeding the birds as well. Make sure you visit the Dimbulah café for some vintage Australian Coffee and snacks.


Penguin Coast features a Portuguese galleon facade designed to resemble a ship and is spread over 17000 sq. feet. Some of the species you will encounter here are  Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni, Little and King Penguins.

Pelican Cove is where you have the opportunity to meet the endangered Dalmatian Pelican weighing nearly 15 Kgs! The underwater Gallery is an exciting way to look at these magnificent birds.

At the World of darkness, one can catch  birds in their nocturnal surroundings. The experience one gets is like taking a nocturnal walk along a jungle lit by stars, due to a special system of lighting.

Birdz of Play is a kid’s favorite where a bird-themed playground offers both wet and dry play zones. A Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop adds up the attractiveness quotient for Birdz of Play.


Interesting Shows at Jurong Bird Park

Kings of the Skies is a show on raptors at Hawk Walk which is organized at 10am and 4pm every day. Two interesting specimens during this show are a Harris Hawk with a Mongolian Falconer on horseback and a Lugger Falcon with an Arab Falconer. Some of the other raptors are  White-tailed Sea Eagle, the Hooded Vulture, the Bald Eagle, Malay Fish Owl, the Eurasian Eagle Owl and Snowy Owl.

Pool’s Amphitheatre hosts the High Flyers show at 11am and 3pm. Parrots, Macaws and Hornbills all put up a colorful show. The highlight of this section would be the mimicry of Amigo, a Yellow-Naped Amazon who can sing in three languages!



Lunch with Parrots is a fun activity which is held at 1pm at songbird terrace. Lunch is served from 12pm-2pm and costs $19 and $15 for adults and kids respectively. A must see activity here is the hand painting by Pikasso the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

For bookings you can call (65) 6265 0022.


Feeding times at Jurong Bird Park

One of the most interesting activities while at Jurong Bird Park is to feed the Birds. At 1030, you can feed African Birds and Penguins. You can head to Hornbill feeding at 1145. Flamingo and Ostrich can be fed at 130pm. Pelican feeding happens at 2pm.

How to explore Jurong Bird Park

A VIP private Buggy tour makes sense if you are in a small group of up to 7. This is a guided tour where all the major attractions of the Park are covered in 90 minutes. The departures are at 10am, 1pm and 345pm. The ticket price is $28 and $18 for adults and kids respectively. The most interesting aspect of this tour is that you can actually feel an Ostrich’s egg and a Hornbill’s casque! For bookings you can call (65) 6265 0022.


A must do at Jurong Bird Park

Be a Falconer is an exciting activity where you get to feed, handle and fly Eagles, Owls, Falcons and Vultures. Professionals will help you to get close to these birds of prey. You also get a memento, an honorary falconer's certificate and a photo to remember the experience by.

Do you know?

The flock of Flamingoes in Jurong Bird Park numbers more than a thousand!

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