Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Kauai is the oldest island of Hawaii and a tropical paradise. The Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide takes you around the garden isle of Hawaii through its lush wilderness. An Air Tour is the best way to experience Kauai Hawaii vacation. Kauai is less touristy and you can simply wander into the jungle and find hidden places to swim at Kauai. Whether it is the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast, the chasms of Waimea Canyon, or heavenly beaches of Poipu & Hanalei Bay, the Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide will leave you with an enchanted experience of Hawaii.

Reaching Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is well connected by air through the Lihue Airport to Honolulu, Kahului, Maui, the United States mainland and Vancouver. Car Rental is the best way to get around Kauai. A Mustang Convertible would do just fine at Kauai with its unpredictable showers! For the Napali coast and other sites inaccessible  by land, an air tour is the the best option.

What to do -Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Napali Coast--#1 recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Napali Coast is arguably the most breathtaking sight in all of Kauai. The rugged coastline and its raw beauty is intact courtesy, it being inaccessible by land. Boating, sailing and by Aircraft are the only ways to explore the Napali Coast. Unless ofcourse you are game for the 11 mile hike from Ke`e Beach to Kalalau Valley! Traditionally Hawaiians have been using canoes to explore the Napali Coast. Today the easiest way to explore the Napali Coast is via boats.

Wimea Canyon--#2 recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Wimea is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and a strong recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide. This 14 mile wonder has several lookout points which will mesmerize you with crested buttes, rugged crags and deep valley gorges.

Towards the north of the Canyon lies Kokee State Park. It is a great place for hikers and wild life enthusiasts. The Park offers a great view of the rich flora and fauna of Hawaii. Make sure you visit the Kokee Natural History Museum for a good overview of the Park and the Trails.

Air Tour of Kauai--#3 recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

One of the best Hawaiian experiences is to take the Air tour on a chopper or a small aircraft over Kauai. The aerial view is simply spell-binding and will be the highlight of your Kauai Hawaii vacation.

The highlight of this tour would be the spectacular view of Manawaiopuna Falls of Jurassic Park fame, Napali coast and the solemn Waimea Canyons. Air tour Operators offer helicopters and small aircrafts and most of them depart from Lihue.

Opaekaa Waterfalls--#4 recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Opaekaa Water Falls is a magnificent sight and is a must on the Kauai Hawaii vacation itinerary. Opaekaa Falls is located 2 miles up Kuamoo Road on Route 580 from Highway 56. Sometime you can spot shrimps in the water fall!

Hanalei Town--#5 recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

A walk across Hanalei Town is a great way to experience life in Hawaii. If you like organic food then the Harvest Market in Hanalei will interest you. They are considered the best organic food store in Kauai. Another suggestion from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide would be to head to Ching Young Village for a good shopping experience at Kauai. The village has several boutique stores, art galleries, eateries and a supermarket. A few recommended shops are Hanalei Video & Music, Savage Pearls and Kokonut Kids.

Waioli Mission House and Church is a good place to catch up on Hanalei’s history. Built in 1837, Waioli Mission House was the home of the early Christian missionaries, Abner and Lucy Wilcox. Noteworthy elements in the house include an 1866 wall clock, lava rock chimney and koa furniture. Near the House is the Waioli Huiia Church. Founded in 1834 the Waioli Church is impressive with its green shingles and stained glass windows. Hanalie town has restaurants catering to every taste and price range, so make sure you savor some local delicacies during this Kauai Hawaii Vacation.

(Maitais, Pinacolada & Coconut Shrimp)

Some of the recommended local delicacies for Foodies are Mai Tai, coconut water, coconut candy, ahi tuna,  pancakes with macademia nuts, garlic shrimps and coconut macaroons!

Puka Dog- Famous Hot Dogs of Kauai--#6 recommendation from Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide strongly feels that no visit to Kauai, Hawaii is complete without vesting Puka Dog the famous hot dog place. After doing business for 12 years the promoters Rick Quinette and Dominique Quinette have parted ways and now you have two options. Puka Dog is now run by Rick in Kauai, while Hula dog has been set up by Dominique in Oahu. Wind up your Kauai Hawaii vacation with a Puka Dog experience! 

Sunset at Kauai Hawaii

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