Hawaii Vacation by Submarine

Hawaii is well known for its beautiful people and land. However, not many have experienced the breadth taking beauty of the undersea world of Hawaii. Here is a travelogue on planning a Hawaii vacation on a real Submarine! The Hawaii Vacation by Submarine takes you more than a hundred feet below and shows you marine life in its natural splendor and even a sunk Carthaginian replica of a 19th century supply vessel which has become a reef!

Planning Hawaii Vacation on Submarine

Submarine tours are organised from Maui, Kona and Waikiki. This travelogue is about the Submarine tour of Maui off the Lahaina coast of Hawaii. Boarding is from 9am to 2 pm from Lahaina harbor. Passenger’s board from a shuttle ferry and then through stairs that are vertically placed.

We had taken Atlantis IV Submarine and it cost $100 for the 2 hour ride.

Is the Hawaii Vacation on Submarine safe?

Hawaii vacation on Submarine is a unique and safe experience. Submarines are certified by American Bureau of Shipping before being commissioned for tourism. They come to surface automatically in case of any malfunction or power failure. The submarines are battery operated, non-polluting, air-conditioned, and pressurized.

Restrictions on Submarine tour of Hawaii

Children below 36 inches of height are not allowed. People who cannot climb or descent a vertical ladder also cannot board the submarine.

The Submarine experience

Hawaii vacation on Submarine is a novel way to explore the undersea world. As you descent 130 feet below sea level, the beautiful marine life of Hawaii comes into frame on large viewports. There is no scramble for viewing as all seats have windows!

A special lighting system is available on the Submarine to enable marine life viewing in depth. Corals, fishes and other marine life make the Hawaii Vacation on Submarine, very thrilling. I could spot eels, stingrays, sea turtles and even sharks. Whales can be seen between December and May.


The Copilot usually does an English narration of the commentary. Headsets are available for other languages like Japanese.

The best way to describe the Hawaii vacation on Submarine experience is that you relive the National Geographic episodes of under sea world!

Sunk Ship experience

A Carthaginian replica of a 19th century supply vessel has been sunk in the sea to create an artificial reef. It was a wooden hulled ship that used to deliver freight between New England, Hawaii, and China in the 19th century. It is fascinating to look at the ship buzzing with marine life around it.

A tip for photography during Hawaii Vacation on Submarine

While you do get decent images from a regular camera, an 800 ASA speed film gives the best effects.

Once the Submarine tour is over, stop over at the shore to catch a glimpse of the real colour of the fishes, without the blue tint of the submarine!

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